Marion Kaufmann

Marion Cauffman

Marion grew up on the Georgia coast and studied English and drama at Furman University in Greenville, SC. While there she married actor Ellis Rudolf (Skip) Foster and moved to Atlanta where she studied art at Georgia State University and became House and Box Office Manager at the Academy Theater.

Marion left the arts world to pursue a career in publishing and advertising working for TV Guide, and Ad Week before becoming Media Director for George and Glover Advertising where she was recruited by Management Science America (a mainframe software company) to serve as Advertising Manager of their recent acquisition Peachtree Software (a PC software company) — all in Atlanta. When Peachtree Software downsized, she changed directions and became a flight attendant, moving to New Jersey and to sunny South Florida. Twenty-something years later, she retired as a Purser based in Frankfurt, Germany known of as the turntable of the world.  She delighted being at the nexus of international travel and meeting business, government, pleasure and student travelers from all continents.

Since retiring, Marion has split her time between her homes in South Florida, the Georgia coast, and the Northeast Georgia Mountains. She worked with Symphony of the Americas and served on their Board of Directors before joining Musicfor. She admires Musicfor’s international outreach and focus on introducing children in conflict environments to music. She enjoys nature walks, biking, and catching up with her many family members.