Lorenzo Turchi-Floris
Artistic Director

Has been the Composer in Residence for the Symphony of the Americas Summerfest over the past 10 years. He is no stranger to audiences and musicians in South Florida. With his home base in Italy, Lorenzo has just completed a term as President of Musicfor Europe and will continue as a valued member of its Board of Directors. Orchestra conductor, pianist and composer, Lorenzo Turchi-Floris is an accomplished and multi-faceted artist, recognized on the international music scene.
James Brooks-Bruzzese

James Brooks-Bruzzese
Maestro of Musical Outreach

Received the Lifetime Achievement Award from Musicfor in 2018, in honor of his work throughout the world to further musical education and outreach. Founding Artistic Director of the Symphony of the Americas, he has recently transitioned to the Symphony’s Founding Artistic Director Emeritus. Maestro was born in Panama in a bilingual home—his mother born in Colombia and his father a member of the United States Armed Forces. He received his doctorate in Opera Conducting and Musicology from Washington University in St. Louis.
Renée LaBonte, President & CEO

Renée LaBonte
President & CEO

Participating as a member of Musicfor for nearly a decade, Renée has donated her time as a part of its presentations throughout the Americas, and is proud to lead the new Musicfor America team and its Board of Directors. Renée brings to her position as a founder of Musicfor America decades of experience as founding Executive Director of South Florida’s Symphony of the Americas, as well as having gained worldwide recognition as a pianist for her orchestral performances and recitals throughout Europe, Asia and the Americas.