Mission Statement

Musicfor America is dedicated to the humanitarian use of the arts to improve individual lives and communities throughout the United States and the Americas.

About Musicfor America

Musicfor America is a Florida based not-for-profit corporation organized to further the Musicfor mission in America, and is the newest member of the Musicfor international alliance. 

A large part of Musicfor’s efforts focus on the humanitarian sector -helping to fund music educational programs, the purchase of musical instruments, the presentation of scholarships to deserving students, and sharing the magic of live musical presentations.

The Philosophy of Musicfor

More than 850 musicians and professional experts in various areas work together for a common purpose. As an international organization that promotes musical activities through its locations all over the world, the focus of Musicfor includes concerts, conferences and festivals. It produces recordings and publications, focuses on educational outreach and conducts research activities.

Musicfor headquarters is in Switzerland (Versoix), with branches in Italy (Rome and Turin), UK (London), France (Sallanches) and America (South Florida).

Musicfor musicians make a yearly volunteer commitment to support certain aspects of the organization’s mission. Leveraging this volunteer assistance helps grow the organization’s presence and its involvement in community.

Musicfor America is honored to carry out the Musicfor mission and vision from our headquarters in South Florida. By enriching our spirit through Art we can transform individual lives. Transformed lives enrich our communities.  This idea runs throughout all of the Musicfor activities!